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Compensation and Benefits Leader Europe

You are a key leader in the HR leadership team and a knowledgeable colleague for our senior leaders when it comes down to compensation and benefits as well as executive pay. We are keen to talk to professionals who are drawn by the social relevance and innovative dynamics of the care sector – who want to impact the quality of life of millions of people. In this role, you help drive the transformation of our business, supported by our ’22-’24 HR strategy – by driving our culture, developing capability and through better processes and systems in our organisation.

What are you going to do?

In this role, you help drive the transformation of our business and particularly support growth through the lens of attractive but affordable market compensation and benefits packages. You lead the way to designing, implementing and monitoring compensation and benefits processes that improve our performance culture. You drive the compensation and benefits strategy across our business and thus have long term impact on the careers, aspirations and mindset of our leadership teams. You help drive efficiencies in current and newly acquired businesses. You find innovative ways in building an attractive employer proposition in many countries, while keeping a close eye on cost.

As we often acquire small and larger companies in the healthcare industry, you support diligence and integration with focus on risk, the ROI and (leadership) talent retention. You champion performance management systems with synced incentive plans that improve operational KPI’s, and thus financial results.You lead the compensation and benefits agenda as you ty it closely to our culture and people engagement.

Purpose of the job

Leads Mediq’s total rewards strategy, develops and administers company compensation programs and benefits plans for clusters and at group level.


  1. Comp and Ben strategy definition You translate the total rewards strategy in plans that support the growth of the business, ensuring our attractiveness across different entities and geographies. You take accountability for key compensation drivers like short and long term incentives, sales incentives. You innovate with e.g. solutions for new ways of working, mobility and lead the implementation. Overall, you provide the senior leaders and Human Resources team with clearly defined policies and practices, you frequently communicate about their purpose and opportunity.
  2. Comp and Ben execution – You initiate and implement competitive, cost effective benefitsprograms and monitor costs and performance. You lead, monitor and administer the yearly budgeting process, the effect on pay, annual salary reviews, short and long term incentives. You perform job analysis and ensure compliant position documentation using surveys and market practice. You implement and automate compensation and beneftis policies and systems within our HR systems.
  3. Executive pay – You are the primary contact and administrator for executive pay, incentives and equity for our senior leaders, including the board. You support income & tax compliance for identified (cross boarder) workers.
  4. M&A – diligence on comp/ben and pension risk is part of the role. During integration, you carefully assess proper comp and ben integration, compliance as well as the ROI of the investment.
  5. Culture and Engagement – Our employees care about patients, you care about the engagement of our employees. By listening and engaging yourself you understand what attracts them and translate this to advice. You prepare communciations reflecting Mediq’s key message related to comp and ben. You listen and solve problems.
  6. Partnership and teamwork - With your candor, clear communications and early escalation of issues, you bring trust and ease to the business, as well as to your colleagues in Mediq HR. You enjoy working in a matrixed relationship for you like this key role in a variety of teams.

What is your background?

In your growing career of 8-10 years in international HR, you have been increasingly developing your compensation and benefits acumen. You are mature, ambitious, ready to take a genuine HR leadership role in a growth environment. You have a high level of analytical ability, you have eye for detail and interpersonal communications skills, thus your ability to present complex topics in a streamlined and simple manner is undisputable. You bring vast experience in comp and ben, m&a, including pensions and have a good knowledge of EU legislation, (income) tax, GDPR, compliance etc. You have a masters degree in Business Administration, Human Resources, or a degree in Accounting. You speak English and preferably a second language like German, a Scandinavian language or Dutch.

De Meern

De Meern

At our head office in the Meern, we lay the foundation for good service to our customers. From De Meern we have contact with all customers, suppliers, but also the government and insurers. Every day thousands of customers are helped and informed from De Meern. With the large Customer Contact department, De Meern is the beating heart of our organization. De Meern is also the (international) headquarters of Mediq. In De Meern you will find Mediq's group management and international staff departments, including for example finance and IT. Finally, in De Meern you will find the management of the Mediq Netherlands organization and the Dutch staff departments such as finance, HR, communication and quality. The nice thing about working at De Meern is that you work at Mediq's head office, where everything comes together. You get to know about 500 different employees and all aspects of our business here.


HR at Mediq is a team of employees spread around Europe. Within that frame we support our businesses in the full specter of HR ensuring best practices are driven through the organization in all countries across Europe. With a caring heart, customer drive and champion spirit, we contribute to ensuring Mediq is get great place to work.
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About Mediq

About Mediq

Our story is not just about ourselves. It is mainly about the millions of people who deserve the opportunity to get the most out of their lives. Fathers and mothers. Brothers and sisters. Young lovers and old friends. Grandparents and newborn babies. They have one thing in common: they have been diagnosed with a chronic or serious disorder. Mediq has activities in the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, Switzerland, Belgium, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

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